Monday, January 13, 2014

Burberry Beauty Nail Polish in Ash Rose No.103

Ash Rose, is one of the lighter, more neutral shades from Burberry Beauty's Nail Polish line ($21; Its a pale rose with hints of grey. The color is very similar to one my all time favorite neutrals, nails inc.'s Porchester Square.

The formula and consistency were alright - I had no problems with the polish itself and the dry time was super fast. First coat was a bit sheer, but second coat evened things out a bit. I would recommend a good, glossy top coat though, since the finish lacks a bit of shine after it dries completely. While I do like the bottle design and packaging quite a bit, the brush wasn't my favorite - it was a bit stiff and din't help with smooth brush strokes. I'm hoping it gets better with use. As for the color, Ash Rose is a nice neutral, quite murky, but very chic and sophisticated. Its definitely not a must-have - if you have Porchester Square, you probably won't need Ash Rose, since they are very similar, but not dupes. Porchester Square is more opaque, but I prefer Burberry's formula, overall. If you do like such neutrals though,  Ash Rose is worth looking into!


  1. I liked the brush so far, but I think the nail polish formula isn't consistent....some colors just don't apply easily :( This is such a pretty neutral, though :)

    1. It is, isn't it? My other Burberry polishes have a nice brush, looks like this one was the problem child :( I hope they sort out the consistency issue too, which is what is stopping me from getting Oxblood!

    2. Ughhhhhh..don't bother buying it...seriously.. bad :| I still cannot figure out how people can say anything positive about it...unless I got the lone rotten egg polish bottle :P

    3. I know! So many mixed reviews, maybe the formula varies bottle to bottle?! Ugh whatever, the color is SO pretty!!! But I do have 5-6 Oxbloods some of which I haven't worn even once :D :D

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it? I think its a neutral anyone could use year round :)