Tuesday, September 26, 2023

LOVE By Essie Plant Based Nail Polish

LOVE By Essie Plant Based Nail Polish Review, Photos, Swatches

Love by Essie ($11.99; target.com) is a new addition to the essie nail polish line, an 80% plant based vegan nail polish line with a longwearing formula that comes in 18 fabulous shades. The shade range is beautiful and the colors are mostly one coaters with a nice glossy finish. I like the wide brush that helps with even application sans any bubbles or streaks. The LOVE by Essie Base and Top coat ($11.99; target.com) is also amazing to finish off the polish and leaves a glossy, gel-like look. I tried a few shades from this range and so far the formula has been great to apply and amazing as far as longevity goes as well. I get about 3 days of wear with minimal chipping on day 4. Overall, I’d definitely recommend LOVE by essie if you are looking for a vegan, non-toxic polish range. I do wish essie would expand the color selection and add more jewel tones and nudes to the collection soon.

LOVE By Essie Plant Based Nail Polish Review, Photos, Swatches

Love by Essie Back to love, good impression, I’m the spark Blessed never stressed, Putting myself first, walking the walk swatches

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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Lancome La Vie Est Belle Iris Absolu

Lancome La Vie Est Belle Iris Absolu Review, Photos

La Vie Est Belle Iris Absolu ($124 -$158; lancome-usa.com) is a new fragrance from Lancome, a warm, sweet and crisp floral with notes of Iris Pallida, Fig, Blackcurrant, Orange Blossom, Jasmine and Patchouli. It's a perfect summer-fall transition fragrance that goes on light, yet has great longevity through the day. The opening is floral, very crisp and very slightly sweet without being too cloying. The Iris is the most prominent one with a little sprinkle of the fig and blackcurrant. The Jasmine isn’t too heady and blends well with the other notes to keep it feminine and sophisticated.The fragrance feels more like a gourmand once it dries down and the patchouli keeps it from getting too sweet. The longevity is pretty good much like all the other Lancome fragrances. The bottle design is also lovely and complements the La Vie Est Belle collection of fragrances beautifully. Overall, a gorgeous perfume from Lancome, as always, and makes for a great gift for the holiday season!

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Friday, September 15, 2023

Jo Malone British Heritage Limited Edition Collection

Jo Malone British Heritage Limited Edition Collection Review, photos

Jo Malone recently launched their British Heritage Collection - four new limited edition fragrances in fabulous packaging inspired by the Scottish Highlands. The colognes include Mallow On The Moor ($82; sephora.com), an earthy woody fragrance with notes of violet leaf, mallow and heliotrope, Melancholy Thistle ($82; sephora.com) , English Ivy and Cool Wood, Wild Achillea ($82; sephora.com), with notes of Wild Achillea, Nettle and Vetiver and Highland Heather ($82; sephora.com), with notes of Cypress, Heather and Amber. I love how the bottles are travel friendly and the fragrances themselves are perfect for all through the year. My favorite of them all has to be Mallow On The Moor, which is a gorgeous floral with a sophisticated, feminine touch and the violet leaf lingers on until the dry down making it a clean, crisp floral especially for springtime. Melancholy Thistle is a woody floral that is earthy, clean and light. It does dissipate faster and has average longevity. Wild Achillea is a fresh floral and very light with the Neroli being the most prominent note until drydown. Highland Heather is an earthy, woody concoction and a tad more of a masculine scent than feminine. The amber is the most prominent and the longevity is quite good. Overall, a really nice collection with some unique fragrances with gorgeous packaging.

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