Friday, September 24, 2010

Get Nude with these NYX lipglosses

Now everyone knows that NYX Mega Shine lipglosses are the ultimate bang for the buck. There are three of my favorite nude shades from those glosses that I reach out to all the time.

They are all warm shades, can be paired safely with any kind of eye makeup and would match with any skin tone. I know that NYX has a lot of nude shades to choose from, but these are the three that I love the most.

The consistency of these glosses are neither too thick, nor too runny. Being slightly less stickier than MAC lipglasses, they tend to last a good 2-3 hours on me with eating/drinking in between.

Sponge Cake - It' a gorgeous shade of pinkish brown with golden glitter. It looks fabulous with every look without looking OTT. And no worries about the glitter looking chunky.

Natural -This really is natural looking. Its almost similar looking to Sponge Cake but a bit lighter sans the glitter.

Tanned - The shade name says it all. Its a tan brown, that's plain with no glitter. Can be worn alone or can be layered with any lipstick for a subtle neutral look.

Swatches without flash and with flash. First pic is w/o flash taken in daylight.

Top to bottom : Sponge Cake, Tanned, Natural.

 If you want to tone down any look or want to keep it low-key for work, then you might want to give these a shot.They are pocket-friendly and well worth a try!

The only gripe with NYX glosses in general are that, they tend to leak when not stored properly. Apart from that, I like them a lot.

Have you tried any of these shades from NYX? Do you like them or hate them? Is there another neutral that works for ya? Share your thoughts.


  1. Oh, these all look wonderful! :) Hmm, should I give NYX another try? I dunno :)

  2. Hi Pinch,

    These are lovely...yes, you must give NYX another chance...its quite a nice brand ;)

  3. Those nude shades are really something!!! amazing choice of colours!

  4. Thanks Beauty Addict :) Gotta try these, they are amazing!!!

  5. hey liking the sponge cake & tanned. will definitely check those out.

  6. I am liking sponge cake & natural a lot :)

  7. Followed. okay? :*

    Me liking sponge cake...very pretty. :)

  8. @Indianmakeupways - Check them out, esp. sponge cake. It's my absolute favorite!

    @Tanveer - I love sponge cake a lot too.It's such low maintainence and goes with any look.

    @Rati - Thank you ;) and yeah, get sponge cake maybe you'll start to like glosses more than lipsticks ;)

  9. this lip gloss are just fantastic and amazing. I don't like the color pink but I love to try the bloody red or maroon color.

  10. @Gold Eye Serum - Blood red sounds great!