Sunday, October 3, 2010

New from Smashbox - Holiday 2010 Wish For The Perfect Pencils Set swatches and photos.

Smashbox has come up with a lot of value sets as part of their holiday 2010 wish collection. One such, is the Wish for the Perfect Pencils set. The set contains four colors of travel-size eye pencils.

  • Onyx - Jet Black
  • Orchid - Dark Purple
  • 14k - Soft Metallic Gold
  • Graphite - Metallic Grey

The pencils are quite small in size. They are pretty effortless to apply and the formula is quite creamy. However, they are not long lasting and smudge with ease. Smashbox claims they stay on for a good 8 hours, but I highly doubt that.

Here are a few swatches.The first picture is taken without flash and the next one with flash.

Top to Bottom : Onyx, 14k, Graphite and Orchid.

The colors are quite pigmented and well worth the $16 price tag.A great travel-friendly set for people who are on the go and a great gift option too! Would have been better if only they had better staying power *sigh*.

Graphite seems to be my favourite amongst the four shades.Available at Sephora and online at

I am still not sure if I wanna get these.What about you?Do you plan to get this or any other holiday sets from Smashbox this year? Are you loving these shades? I'd love to know!


  1. Hmmm...$16 is an amazing price. I like Oynx and Orchid, I really won't use the other two!
    On an aside, you're already wearing sweaters? Couldn't help but notice that!

  2. Yeah, even I thought $16 was an amazing price! I like graphite a lot.It's a very different shade of grey.
    And no sweaters yet, it's a cardi ;) ...was quite cold yesterday so had to wear one.But I think, this year we might start wearing sweaters quite early :(

  3. Hmm...I've never worn gray eyeliner before. If you get this do a tutorial I'd love to see, but if that's the only color you like I don't think it's worth it :P was freezing here too. I mean I can understand you're in the Midwest but I stepped out without another layer today and suffered!

    These pics are from Sephora or Ulta? I haven't been to either store in long...

  4. Sure thing...if I get 'em, i'll do a tut :)I think winter's gonna be bitter cold :( These pics are from Sephora, not sure if Ulta has them...Sephora has some Kat Von D palettes on sale now you might wanna check it out!

  5. Saw the Kat Von D palettes online, but honestly I've heard they're not that good. The colors are too bold for me.
    Plus I'm not buying anything from that husband stealer!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm thinking for buying a Tarte palette...I do want to go mostly organic with my makeup by the end of next year so lets see.

  6. lol! husband stealer!!Yeah, Tarte is awesome...even i've been eyeing some stuff there the lip stians look good ;)

  7. This is why I love the holidays. :)

    Thanks for the swatches!