Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I hit the jackpot a little too late!

I was resisting getting the Urban Decay 24/7 Jackpot Set for a while now and finally caved in about three weeks ago.Unlike last year's Super Stash, Jackpot contains a full size pencil in "Zero" along with nine travel sized (Read: TINY) 24/7 glide-on eye pencils.

The shades are:
  • Mildew (mossy green)
  • Stash (gold mossy green)
  • Binge (dark metallic blue)
  • Rockstar (deep reddish purple)
  • Electric (bright blue)
  • Whiskey (dark brown)
  • Gunmetal (dark metallic grey)
  • Ransom (bright purple)
  • El Dorado (bright yellow gold)
  • Zero (Zealous Black) 
The set retails at $39 and is a great way to experiment with colors and also decide which pencils you would want to buy in full size. The size of these pencils are tiny and if you tend to use them regularly, they wont last you that long. But, I don't think I'm going to be using Bright Iridescent Purples and Metallic Blues on a daily basis!

Here are the swatches with and without flash (click to enlarge):

L-R : Whiskey,Electric,Mildew,Stash,Rockstar,Binge,Gunmetal,Ransom,El Dorado

The quality is amazing like other glide on pencils from Urban Decay.  My eyes are super-sensitive and a lot of eyeliners irritate me. I must say, none of these pencils gave me any sort of allergic reactions, even on my waterline. Even the ones with glitter, although no glitter is supposed to be used on the waterline. I just wish UD would start including some other shade instead of zero in all of their palettes. I do like the shade but, seeing it it every other kit is kinda boring. 

I love all these shades. Mildew is a standout piece for me. It's a mossey green that looks good with any kind of eye look. Love! I might consider buying it in full-size. Overall, it's an amazing buy and a great way to try out some eye popping shades.

Available at : Sephora,Ulta 

So, do you plan on trying Jackpot? Or have you already? What are your favorite eyeliner shades from the 24/7 glide-on range? I'd love to know!


  1. I have had that set for awhile and I love it! :) Such a great way to try all these different colors!

  2. That's nice, Olga. I'm totally loving this set :) What are your fav. shades?

  3. i bought it and use at least one of the pencils everyday. ransom is my definite favorite from the bunch, looks good in my waterline.


  4. Ransom is definitely beautiful. It adds a pop of color to an otherwise boring look. So would electric :)

  5. I almost got this set at ULTA the other day , but the size of these mini pencils put me off. They are not even the travel size..they are even smaller and I figured that it would be difficult to even sharpen these ones..for me rockstar was the special one..Love that shade ! So , I got the jet sets with rockstar and oil slick.. but these pencils are just AMAZING !

  6. Jan - Yeah, they are really tiny. They would probably go through 3-4 times sharpening max.The jet sets are a great value too. I kinda like Bourbon a lot. Wish it was included here instead of Zero. Nothing beats the quality of these :)

  7. Electric and Ransom are my favorites :)

  8. wow! Now, THAT is definitely on my wishlist :)

  9. @Olga - Both of them are totally unique. Great choice! :)

  10. @Natasha - It's not going to be around for long...Get it soon :)

  11. whoa! i didnt see this post! oh my u got all the colors at a good price. way to go. am jealous! :)

  12. haha Anju :) These are not all, theres more :) hopefully some day i'll get to try the rest!!!

  13. Appu come up with a giveaway :D and give these to me :P :D. Lovely colors...your choice is awesome :)

  14. Thanks Beautydiva! We'll surely have a giveaway soon...it'll be an int'l one for sure :)