Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Body Shop Fuzzy Peach Bath & Shower Gel

'Fuzzy Peach Bath & Shower Gel' is one of the most affordable shower gels  from The Body Shop.I do find most TBS shower gels to be rather pricey for everyday use and tend to buy them when on sale.This one has a beautiful scent and leaves a light, fresh aroma in my bathroom.It did not smell that attractive in the bottle. However, it lathers up to a really nice and crisp scent.
I love the way the whole originals line is packaged. They look so colorful and cute! 

What I like about this shower gel:
  • Lovely Scent. Fresh, clean, fruity and not at all over powering. Just the right mix of everything!
  • A little goes a long way - lathers really well. I just need a few squirts on a loofah/bath sponge.
  • Non-drying. I don't have that stretchy feeling some shower gels give.But, feels really clean and fresh at the same time.  
  • Not so pricey as per TBS standards($5.99 for 8.4 fl oz/250mL) and does go on sale quite often. 
  • Nice packaging - Very practical to be used in the shower.

The not so great things about this shower gel:
  • The texture is quite watery.  
Apart from that, I just LOVE this shower gel. It's worth trying out, at least for the pleasant fragrance. Try it, I am sure you won't regret it ever.

Have you tried The Body Shop Fuzzy Peach Bath & Shower Gel? What are your favorite shower treats? I'd love to know!


  1. I loved the fragrance but amn't too fond of shower gels so skipped this.

  2. Are you a more soaps kinda person, Rads? The fragrance is sooo good, I am sure most ppl would love it :)

  3. I am..though once in a while I do like using shower gels..I hate the slippery soapy film most of them leave and take ages to wash off - I like squeaky clean :D

  4. haha I know, some Olay shower gels leave that kinda film! This one doesn't in fact, none of the TBS shower gels do that :)