Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zoya Remove + Nail Polish Remover - Review

I ordered Zoya's Remove + Nail Polish Remover during the Facebook Promo back in January. Remove + is a mild acetone based remover that is the first step of the Zoya Color Lock System. The mild acetone formula with glycerin makes it far less drying than most removers out there. It does smell quite strong in the bottle but after cleaning, it leaves a pleasant smell which, I think is a huge plus.

What I like about this nail polish remover:
  • Cleans nails really well without drying. I've noticed my base coat goes on very smooth afterwards.
  • Packaged very well using the big flipper. I just have to twist the cap to unlock and press to get the product out on a cotton ball/pad and this way there is so much less wastage.
  • I don't have to rub the product a zillion times on my nails to get all the nail polish out. I just press for a few seconds and swipe.
  • Removes glitter nail polish very well!
  • Far less fumes than other removers and does not leave my nails stinking.
What I dis-like about this nail polish remover:
  • Although it does a great job, it is slightly pricey for a nail polish remover. But, the big flipper which retails at $9.99, comes a long way.
  • Availability - It has to be ordered only through Zoya's website or a salon that carries Zoya. I wish it was more readily available.

Overall, it is an amazing nail polish remover and totally worth trying out. The fact that it contains acetone and is still non-drying, makes it an excellent buy.

Have you tried the Remove + nail polish remover from Zoya? Do you love it? I'd love to know!


  1. i am currently using the sally hansen one. its quite cheap and does the job really well. never tried the zoya one. looks nice

  2. Anju - The Sally Hansen ones are pretty good too! Try this if you get a chance to :)