Monday, August 29, 2011

Sonia Kashuk Tightly Knit 6-Piece Brush Set for Fall 2011

The Tightly Knit 6-Piece Brush Set($24.99) is a Limited-Edition brush kit from Sonia Kashuk for Fall 2011. The kit features 5 brushes and 1 eyelash comb/separator in a chic tweed clutch. The brushes are made from a combination of cruelty-free natural and synthetic bristles with wooden handles. The packaging is very sturdy and the brushes are light-weight. It features a foundation/concealer brush, a crease brush, eye shadow brush, smudge brush, powder/blush brush and a brow/lash groomer.

Concealer/Foundation Brush.

The size of this brush is much smaller than a regular foundation brush and slightly bigger than concealer brushes. I prefer to use this for concealer application. Works well as a foundation brush if you want to apply foundation only to certain areas. The bristles really soft and the flat, stiff  nature helps concealer go on well without being streaky.

Eye Shadow Brush.

This works really well for packing on eye shadows/pigments and even cream shadows onto the lids. It's bigger than a usual eyeshadow brush and helps do the job faster. I even use it to apply powder under my eyes to set concealer.

Crease Brush

This is an excellent brush that fits very well into the eye socket, blending color beautifully onto the crease. The densely packed, dome shape bristles are extremely soft and blend colors without scratching the eye area.

Smudge Brush

I like to use this to set runny eye liners on the lower lashline with eye shadow. It picks up colors really well and deposits evenly. Also great for placing eye shadow onto the upper lashline.

Powder/Blush Brush

I like this more as a powder brush than a blush brush. This soft, fluffy brush can also be used to apply powder only to certain areas to set the product in because of the not to huge size.

Lash/Brow Groomer

No set is complete without a lash/brow groomer, I guess. I have too many of these & I think spoolies are a better option instead! This is just the usual lash/brow groomer the only cute thing being the color of the bristles that match the color of the tweed clutch!

I've washed these brushes a couple of times and did not see any shedding. The powder/blush brush did bleed a little on the first wash but nothing after that.

Overall, the brushes are of great quality just like other Sonia Kashuk brushes and have a very sturdy, not to mention chic design. Great to travel with since the set features most of the essential brushes you need. You may need to just add a couple of them more to complete your face routine and the clutch holds much more than just six brushes. The set is a great value considering the brushes are the same size as the regular ones.

Available at all Target stores and online at

Have you tried the Sonia Kashuk Tightly Knit 6-Piece Brush Set?

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  1. The pouch is cute! I have a Sephora brush set that I like, but it is nice to see budget brush sets that are of good quality.

  2. I know! I love the pouch too :D

  3. this is great!! i love the clutch but the set has all essential brushes n they are full size thats the best part..since it is LE i might rush to target to buy one:)

  4. Yeah, almost all of the essential brushes which is great! Let me know if you like it :)

  5. The smudge brush looks very similar to Sephora's smudge brush, which I love.

  6. Oh really? Never tried that one! Heard good things about those brushes in general though :)

  7. Yet another brand which I am dying to try.....

  8. The brushes especially are nice! I hope they ship to India :(