Monday, November 14, 2011

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume Spray

Pacifica's Tuscan Blood Orange is a scent I can never get enough of. I've tried the body butter from this range & absolutely love it. The juicy orange scent is just perfect to perk you up without being too strong.
"A vivacious blend of spicy blood orange, subtle strawberry and raspberry, and juicy mandarin. Its delectable complexity emerges layer by layer, creating a bright, sophisticated impression. It blends brilliantly with a variety of other scents and stands alone with fresh poise. This inspired fragrance has a natural grain alcohol base. Spray, play, and enjoy every day!"

The Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume ($22) is something I like to layer with the body butter. It may not be the most long-lasting perfume out there but definitely something I love to use any time of the year. It stays on for about 6-7 hours and does not smell the least bit artificial. Just like freshly squeezed oranges! If you like citrus based fragrances, you'll love this one a lot!

The tiny bottle won't last you a very long time if used everyday but, Pacifica has a lot of value sets for most of their scents. Perfumes are a personal choice so, please take a whiff before you buy this one. What maybe my favorite scent, may not be your cup of tea. I like most scents that Pacifica makes and Tuscan Blood Orange is by far my favorite & something I'll never stop buying! You can never go wrong with fresh scents like this one.

All Pacifica products are formulated without Parabens, Sulphates, Synthetic Dyes & Petrochemicals.

Available at Sephora stores, Whole Foods and online at

What are your thoughts on the Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume Spray?


  1. I'm not big on citrus, but I like the one with coconut that they have!

  2. Oh the Indian Coconut Nectar one?? I love that one too! :D

  3. I love citrus scent so I will give this a sniff if I have a chance (although most of the time I am too lazy to use any fragrance).

  4. Definitely do & let me know if you like it :)