Monday, May 21, 2012

OneRepublic partners with Ralph Lauren for the exclusive release of “Life in Color"

In celebration of the launch of The Big Pony Collection for Women, pop rock group, OneRepublic has partnered with Ralph Lauren for the exclusive release of “Life in Color.” Granting a previewed sneak peak of the band’s newest song (which will not be released to the general public until Summer 2012), this vibrant track serves as the theme song for the fragrance’s commercial film and digital campaign shot by renowned photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber.  This artful video and song truly bring the dream world of Ralph Lauren to life. 

Check out the song and video here.

Have you tried any of Ralph Lauren's newest Fragrances?


  1. I was browsing through last month's Vogue issue and the samples were giving in the magazine and I sniffed it. Smelt nice ^_^.

    1. Oh really? Gotta sniff it sometime then. The packaging is pretty :D