Tuesday, July 3, 2012

L'Oreal Color Caresse Luminous Lipcolor - Violet Chiffon, Cotton Pink

L'Oreal has quite a few interesting new launches for summer, their Color Caresse Luminous Lipcolors ($9.99) being one of them. These lipsticks have a smooth, silky texture and a sheer, glossy finish to them.

L'oreal Color Caresse Luminous Lipsticks

                                               L-R : Violet Chiffon, Cotton Pink
do feel that the formula varies from shade to shade. Some of them being more smooth and buttery than the others. Cotton Pink, a cool-toned light pink feels a little less smooth compared to Violet Chiffon, a sheer, mid-tone purple. You won't need a lip balm underneath these but, Cotton Pink does tend to enhance dry lips quite a bit. Violet Chiffon on the other hand is an absolute delight to apply. Although quite sheer, it looks very glossy on its own. These lipsticks also have a super light feel and they don't feel heavy even when I build the color up a little bit. With the glossiness comes the short wear time but, I love sheer lipsticks like these so, I don't mind having to reapply after about 2-3 hours.

L'oreal Color Caresse Luminous Lipstick in Cotton Pink
Cotton Pink

L'oreal Color Caresse Luminous Lipstick in Violet Chiffon
Violet Chiffon
L'oreal Color Caresse Luminous Lipstick in Cotton Pink and Violet Chiffon

L'oreal Color Caresse Luminous Lipstick in Cotton Pink and Violet Chiffon Swatches
                                                        L-R :  Cotton Pink, Violet Chiffon
Overall, I am quite impressed with the way these feel on my lips and got myself a couple of shades more - Sheer Linen and Rose Taffeta. Both of them feel super light and even more creamier than these two shades so, I'll have the review/swatches up soon! These do have a very faint smell that I don't love but, it is no where near as cloying as the other L'oreal Color Riche lipsticks. I love the sleek golden packaging and think they are pretty amazing for a drugstore product! Absolutely worth trying out a shade or two.

What are your thoughts on the L'Oreal Color Caresse Luminous Lipcolors? 

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  1. I really love the packaging! Its so sleek and classy!

    1. Me too! Love the packaging. Looks more expensive than it actually is :)

  2. I love the Cotton Pink color!

    1. The color is nice but Cotton Pink has a pretty average formula. The other one has a nice formula though :)