Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pacifica French Lilac Body Wash

Pacifica's French Lilac Body Wash ($10) is a Sulfate-Free, gentle all natural, body wash. The creamy body wash foams up pretty well with a soft lather for a sulfate-free product and cleanses without stripping skin. Pacific's French Lilac Body Wash uses "sodium lauryl sulfoacetate(SLSA)" , a foaming agent that is skin-friendly, derived from coconut and palm oils, instead of SLES (Sodiun Laureth Sulfate). Most natural body washes tend to leave a residue, but this one rinses super clean and leaves skin smelling great for a while after.

I'm not quite sure as to how the scent can be described. To me, it smells very luxurious, soft and feminine with just a hint of citrus to perk you up. The scent is wonderful and would last much, much longer when layered with the matching body butter. Overall, although a little pricey for the amount of product in there, it still is a really nice treat in the shower. The body wash is quite moisturizing itself, but I like to use a light lotion to keep skin balanced.

Have you tried the Pacifica French Lilac Body Wash?


  1. Sounds really nice :D I like natural body washes a lot.

  2. I love lilac so this sounds like something I would definitely like.