Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Burberry Lip Mist Natural Sheer Lipstick in Stormy Pink

Burberry Lip Mists ($30) are glossy, sheer lipsticks with a creamy, smooth texture. The Lip Mists go on much sheerer than how they look in tube and leave a dewy, high shine finish, almost like a gloss. The packaging, although quite heavy, is absolutely gorgeous and very classy.

Stormy Pink is a medium, red toned pink with a beautiful creme finish. The texture feels velvety smooth and glides even on dry lips. Stormy Pink looks more red in the tube, but goes on quite sheer and turns up as a right mix of a sheer red and pink on my pigmented lips. If your lips are not unevenly pigmented, the color may lean a little more red on you. The formula feels extremely comfortable and very moisturizing. Like any other glossy lipstick, this one too lasts about 2-3 hours on me and does not dry out my lips even the slightest bit when its gone. My biggest gripe though with Burberry lipsticks in general are the extremely strong scent they have. The overpowering, floral scent is just too much once you open the tube and stays on for quite some time. If you have a sensitive nose, be sure to take a whiff before you splurge!

Overall, I love the formula, texture and the array of shades these Lip Mists come in. The packaging feels luxurious, something I would love to flaunt when I need to touch up my lipstick! I hope they reformulate to get rid of or atleast to tone down the scent a little bit and it would be perfect!

Have you tried the Burberry Lip Mist Natural Sheer Lipsticks?


  1. Thanks, Miranda! I love the shade too :)

  2. Wow!Love the color and the design as well. This is perfect for my pale lips because it will add glow that is light and natural.