Sunday, October 28, 2012

For The Home : Thymes Frasier Fir Home Fragrance Collection

"The aromatic snap of crisp Siberian fir needles, heartening cedarwood and relaxing sandalwood forms a refreshing bed of crisp, just-cut forest fragrance. Undertones of rich floral musk deepen and soften the resinous woody notes, for a scent that’s mountain fresh, yet cozy and comforting."

One of the most fresh, crisps scents I've tried, Frasier Fir, is Thymes' newest launch just in time for the holidays. The range features scents in every way you could make your home smelling fresh and green, right from Candles and Home Fragrance Mists to Soaps and Reed Diffusers. The packaging is beautiful, very appropriate for the holidays, that makes for an amazing gift too. A couple of products I got to try are the Home Fragrance Mist ($18) and the Poured Candle Tin ($18.50, Limited-Edition) both of which I absolutely love. The Home Fragrance Mist is a tad mild, but smells like freshly cut grass, a green scent that will leave the whole room smelling fresh.  The scent turns slightly more woody after a while and helps a great deal with cutting down and neutralizing food odors. As for the Candle Tin , it is a poured candle, packaged in a recyclable double-walled tin that looks as pretty as it smells. I've tried some scented candles where only a slight hint of fragrance is released, even after burning it for hours together. With this one, it only takes a few minutes for the whole place to be filled with a sharp, clean scent that isn't one bit artificial.

Overall, if you like green, fresh, crisp scents that have a hint of woodiness, but also smell as aromatic as fresh balsam, you would love this! The scent lingers around for a while without being too strong or overwhelming, but is sharp enough for someone to detect a whiff of it when they enter a room. It is pricey, but definitely worth trying!

Available online at and at select stores that carry Thymes.

Have you tried anything from the Frasier Fir Range by Thymes?

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  1. hmmmmmm.... I am interested in trying it out since I am fond scented candles. I am curious on its scent for I prefer not too strong and overwhelming scents.

  2. I am interested in trying this out since I love aromatic scents. I find them relaxing. Can;t wait to have this and try it at home =)