Friday, November 16, 2012

Sonia Kashuk Gilded Cage Six-Piece Holiday Brush Set

A six-piece, limited-edition brush set from Sonia Kashuk for the holidays, the Gilded Cage Brush Set ($24.99) comes with six brushes beautifully packaged inside a gold studded clutch. The roomy clutch holds quite a lot of things and makes for a nice little accessory.

The brushes included in the kit are a powder/blusher brush, foundation brush, fan brush, synthetic crease brush, eye shadow brush and synthetic flat eye liner brush. They come with special black and gold fishnet print handles, but are just as sturdy as the regular brushes.

Powder/Blush Brush - A fluffy, slightly dense powder/blush brush. It is perfect for blush more than powder and picks up the right amount of product. I love to use it with sheer blushes and love how beautifully it blends them, leaving an airbrushed finish.

Foundation Brush - The brush head of this foundation brush is slightly smaller than your average foundation brush and the handle feels quite heavy. I wish it was a tad lighter though. The brush itself is great. It is very flat and has the perfect amount of stiffness. It blends cream foundations and tinted moisturizers very well and doesn't leave behind streaks.

Fan Brush - A great brush to use with highlighters or extremely pigmented products. I love it for a light dusting of highlighter along the top of my cheekbones. Extremely lightweight and super soft bristles!

Synthetic Crease Brush - An extremely dense, closely packed brush that is great for crease work. It is quite precise, so it may not be something if you want a sheer wash of color. The size of the brush head is rather small, so if you have very small lid space, this works really well.

Eye Shadow Brush - A basic, flat, stiff eye shadow brush great for packing color on the lid. It is perfect for cream and powder shadows and also great for smoothing on eye primer. It picks up product well and handles fall out really well!

Synthetic Flat Eyeliner Brush - I love this brush for filling in my brows or even to apply gel liners to the waterline more than for applying eyeliner. It isn't overly stiff or scratchy, making it a great tool for smudging out or softening your eyeliner!

Overall, like most kits from Sonia Kashuk, this one too is an amazing value for under $25. The brushes are great quality, sturdy and well made. I've washed them a good 5-6 times and they haven't shed at all. A great way to try out quite a few basic eye and face brushes without breaking the bank!

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What are your thoughts on the Sonia Kashuk Gilded Cage Six-Piece Holiday Brush Set?

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  1. i picked up a sonia kashuk brush set around this time last year and have been using it since :) I love them!

  2. I am obsessed with her brushes, especially when you can find them on clearance!

    1. They go on clearance when the season is over right? They are awesome!

  3. Wonderful brush set! I`m thinking of buying something like this for me, but I haven`t chosen the brend and the set yet...Thanks for your review!

  4. I loved them, until after a week all the pain on the handles started rubbing off. Mainly the fan brush because of sliding the protector on and off. Have you had this problem?

    1. I had that problem with the powder/blush brush, so I used some remover and got the paint off. With the fan brush though, I removed the protector after a couple of uses. Have you tried coating handles with a thin layer of clear polish or top coat - that helps retain the design!