Monday, January 7, 2013

MAC Patina Eye Shadow

Taupe Brown with Golden Pearl is how MAC describes Patina ($15). Patina is a lovely duo-chrome in the pan that takes on a different color depending on the lighting. The gold isn't very obvious, unless under bright lights, but Patina can look more khaki or more like a taupy brown indoors.

Patina is a lot more frostier on medium to dark skin tones than it is on lighter skin tones.  It works best when paired with the right colors like a darker, warmer shade in the crease. Worn alone, it does tend to wash me out a little, unless I go with a good, dark liner smudged along the lash lines with loads of mascara. The golden shimmer flecks are finely milled and translate to more of a beautiful sheen on the lids. Patina is a frost finish so there's a good amount of shimmer. I din't have any blendability or pigmentation issues and the texture is rather smooth and easy to work with.

Overall, a really good, basic eye shadow to own and a very unique color that works well as a wash all over the lid and looks amazing when paired with the right shades. It is rather different from the regular neutrals, but a great pick when you want to keep it low key.

Have you tried MAC's Patina Eye Shadow?


  1. I think it was Sam on Pixiwoo who said this was her favorite MAC shadow... I've loved the shade ever since :)

  2. Appu, I think I will give up my MAC procard this year. Seriously. Are pigs flying yet? :P

    I'm just not willing to support MAC anymore when they give me such terrible service.

    1. Ohhh no, what happened? Did they mess up your order?

    2. I always get ignored when I go to MAC. It's like I am invisible. I know if I dressed up more and fixed my hair I'd get more attention from them. But why should I do that just to get someone to help me? It's ridiculous. The last time I went in there, I was basically overlooked while the SAs helped my prettier friend. If I have to wait 20 minutes to be helped, then I guess my money is not good enough for them. Email me if you want to talk about this more.

    3. Thats tooo bad! MAC is known to do this a lot, a lot of MAC counters are supposedly busy but I've seen places where busy means washing brushes and keeping things in place when the customer waits for 10-15 mins to get what they want.Its not even like they can grab whatever they can & go. The ones inside Nordstrom have pretty good CS though, at least the few I've been to so far. I order online mostly these days coz the nearest MAC at Dillard's here is always out of stock and their SA's don't even know most of the products and tell me its discontinued if they haven't heard of it...mailing u something..

  3. i have been wanting this one since long..its gorgeous over the lid shade!

  4. Replies
    1. It does look more beautiful on the pan than on my lids!