Saturday, April 27, 2013

Laura Mercier Ambre Vanillé Eau Gourmande

Laura Mercier's Ambre Vanillé Eau Gourmande ($50 ; Press Sample) is one of the few new additions to the very luxurious Ambre Vanille Bath & Body care range. The Ambre Vanillé Eau Gourmande blends two of Laura's favorite notes -  "the soft sensuality of Amber & the warm comfort of Vanilla to create a fragrance of feminine elegance and sophistication!"

The Ambre Vanillé range also includes a Creme Body Wash, a Body Butter and a Hand Creme so the fragrance can be layered for long lasting goodness. The Eau Gourmande itself is pretty long lasting on me - I can get a hint of the Vanilla even the next day! Ambre Vanillé is a rather rich, sophisticated scent, very sweet and comforting with just a hint of floral. The creamy vanilla blended with sensual amber, notes of brown sugar and coconuts makes it the most luxurious vanilla based scent that I have ever tried. I was absolutely in love from the very first spritz! Normally, I would prefer such scents more in the fall than in the spring or summer, but this definitely is an exception that I would wear year round. Overall, absolutely love it - an amaizng
 gourmand fragrance that makes me crave something sweet and delicious. If you like sophisticated, feminine, rich and creamy vanilla based scents, you'll love Ambre Vanillé!

Have you tried anything from the Laura Mercier Ambre Vanillé Bath & Body range?

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  1. I didn't know that Laura Mercier had a fragrance/body care line! This fragrance has been popping up a lot lately; sounds like a must-see!

    1. Their bath/body products are so luxurious! Do check this fragrance out if you stop by a counter :)