Thursday, June 20, 2013

Google Reader | Update

Only a few days left until Google Reader goes away for good!  Thank you, Google, for taking away the most convenient form of blog reader! I've transferred all my feeds to Bloglovin' which I've really been loving for a while now. And then there's Twitter, Facebook & Blogger Dashboard that I use to keep up with my daily reads. If Google Reader is the only way you read my blog with, here are some other ways to follow & stay updated! (click to be taken to the page)

Bloglovin  | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram |

Of course there's also email, the good old blogger dashboard (I think, dashboard will have items that you started following using the "follow" button, but the ones added as a subscription through GReader will be gone - correct me if I'm wrong), Bookmarks and GFC, which I'm guessing will be gone soon too. Like I said before, I really like Bloglovin' and social media to keep up with blogs, but I am open to more suggestions for a good reader (paid & free) that I can use to read my favorite blogs! I've been recommended Feedly a lot, but if you have anything else too that's easy to navigate, etc, I'd love to know!

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