Monday, June 3, 2013

Melvita Rose Nectar Milky Cleansing Oil

Melvita's Rose Nectar line is one of the nicest, natural skincare lines out there for dry, dehydrated skin. I absolutely love the refreshing rose water scent and how very hydrating the Cleansing Milk and Moisturizer feel on my skin. The Rose Nectar Milky Cleansing Oil ($29, Press Sample) is a new addition, an emollient cleansing oil that manages to cleanse without drying. It is 100% naturally derived, enriched with Damask rose essence and Rosehip oil from Chile. 

I don't wear a ton of waterproof makeup on a daily basis, so something like this is perfect to get everything off before using a regular cleanser.  To use, I just squirt a couple of pumps, massage all over my face and wash off. It is slightly runny, texture wise, and turns into a very light, milky foam that washes off clean. It doesn't dry my skin out or leave an oily film, but I still follow up with a gentle cleanser afterwards. The only thing it struggled to get off was waterproof mascara. But everything else, including waterproof eyeliner breaks down pretty easily. 

Melvita Rose Nectar Milky Cleansing Oil For Face and Eyes Review

Melvita Rose Nectar Milky Cleansing Oil For Face and Eyes Ingredients

There's a strong rose water like scent to this product that I find really soothing. If you don't like rose based scents, this may not be for you since the scent lingers on for a while.  Its a great cleanser for summer that leaves skin soft and smooth, but it might be a tad drying in the winter. If you have oily skin, keep in mind that it has a blend of quite a few oils. But if you have combination/dry skin, this works really well and cleanses gently without over drying.

Have you tried the Melvita Rose Nectar Milky Cleansing Oil?

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  1. I love cleansing oils! I have never heard of this brand before though. I am in the process of using up the Boscia MakeUp BreakUp oil, which is very nice.

    1. Melvita is one of my favorite organic, natural brands. Quite pricey but great stuff. I'm curious about the Boscia Oil..need to check it out sometime :)