Sunday, July 28, 2013

AVON Flor Violeta Eau de Parfum

Flor Violeta Eau de Parfum ($28) is a light, fruity floral fragrance by AVON, with notes of green apple, violet blossom and soft musk. Packaged in a pink and purple ombre bottle with floral lace detailing, it is one very cute looking perfume in my collection. **Press Sample

For an an EDP though, Flor is quite light - the crisp green apple and the soft floral notes combine to create a very feminine, playful summer scent. There's a hint of warmth from the creamy musk, not too heavy, just enough to balance the other notes quite well and to keep it from turning cloyingly sweet. Flor definitely is a more of a youthful scent, in my opinion. It is light and fresh, slightly sweet and definitely nice for spring/summer than any other time of the year. I do wish it lasted longer though - I get about 5-6 hours before which most of the fragrance dissipates.

What are your thoughts on AVON's Flor Violeta Eau de Parfum?

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