Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bio-Oil | Review

I've heard a lot of raves about "Bio-Oil" ($19.99, Press Sample) and the multitude of uses it has starting from sorting out dry skin issues to preventing stretch marks and fading scars. The folks at Bio Oil recently sent me a sample to try out, so here are my quick thoughts.

Packaged in sleek plastic bottle, Bio Oil is a slightly runny, easy absorbing oil for face and body. I tried it out on my face & body and I do prefer using it on my body a little more than I do on my face. It absorbs fairly quick and leaves no residue, but the scent is a little too strong for me to be used on my face, so I much prefer it for my arms, legs, knees and in a pinch, even for my cuticles. It does contain Mineral Oil as one of the top ingredients, followed by a few other oils and some skin conditioning agents. I don't have a problem with Mineral Oil for my body, its not a bad ingredient, it is in fact a very good skin protectant, but if you are allergic or tend to break out, this is something to keep in mind.

Bio Oil also claims to cure/prevent stretch marks, if used for three months, but I haven't used it that long to comment on that(I'll report back if I see a change). As of now, I really do like it as a body moisturizer, but I don't need something so very moisturizing in the summer, so I can see myself reaching out to a lot more in the winter. It isn't very greasy or oily and sinks in fast, but definitely a better choice for when it is less humid. Overall, a good skin conditioning moisturizer and a pretty good multitasker for dry skin issues in general.

Have you tried Bio-Oil?


  1. Fun! my fiance likes this for added moisture in the winter - he gets some uncomfortable eczema sometimes and it helps! ive never used it enough to know if it helps with scars. Though now I'm just in love with an african botanics balm for scars!

    1. Ohh I'm sure it will be great in the winter! My skin is super duper dry then.. The African Botanics Balm sounds good..where do you get it?