Monday, July 15, 2013

L'Occitane Eau Spontanee Cologne

Eau Spontanee ($52; Press Sample) is a limited edition cologne for women, launched as part of L'Occitane's summer lineup. Eau Spontanee is a fruity citrus blend, that is light and fresh for summer, with notes of nectarine, pomegranate from pomegranate extract, rose and bergamot essential oil.

As much as I love the scent of Eau Spontanee, the huge bottle with no spray pump is the most difficult to handle. Its heavy, made of glass and not the most easiest to travel with. Onto the fragrance itself,  Eau Spontanee is quite light and perfect for summer. It opens up with notes of juicy nectarine and powdery rose, a very feminine combo that is fresh, slightly sweet, not very overpowering and easy to spritz & go on a hot summer day. There's just a slight hint of musk - I'm not a huge fan of musk, but here, its just rightly done and doesn't overpower the fruity or citrusy notes. Overall, its a great perfume - a simple, light, fresh and feminine scent for spring and summer through fall. It lasts about 5 hours on me on a very hot day. L'Occitane also makes a shower gel version of this scent, so the two layered over should last much longer.

Have you tried Eau Spontanee by L'Occitane?

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