Wednesday, August 14, 2013

ZOYA Cashmeres Fall 2013 Collection | Review, Photos & Swatches

ZOYA's fall features two new collections - Cashmeres, six shades of fall appropriate cremes and Satins, a mix of metallics and shimmer with a luxe gold topper top coat. All polishes in the Cashmeres Collection were very opaque, creamy and easy to work with. I found a couple of polishes, Louise and Flynn to be a tad thick, but the others were all very smooth. **Press Samples. Note : Skintones might vary as the pictures were slightly tweaked to show the actual color of the polish

Pepper is a Brick Red Cream - Its one of my favorites from this collection. I can never get tired of such dark, red based shades, with just a hint of brown. Definitely something I'd wear all year round, not just during fall.

Sailor is a Dark Navy Cream - Its a nice blue, slightly blackened and a lovely color to wear if you don't like the very bright, vibrant blues. Great formula too!

L-R : Pepper, Sailor

Louise is a Chocolate Brown Cream - Its a beautiful color, almost looks like black from a distance. Louise is a very rich color, but the formula was quite thick and difficult to work with.

Flynn is a Nude Cream - The color blends with my skintone and is an easy to wear, sophisticated neutral for just about anytime, anywhere. Like Louise, the formula was a tad thick, but very opaque.

L-R : Louise, Flynn

Livingston is a Bright, cool toned red. Its a beautiful pedicure shade. The consistency was quite thin and even after two full coats, I could see a little bit of the visible nail line peeking through. Gorgeous color though and a must have if you like reds.

Hunter is a dark green cream. Another one of my favorites from the Cashmeres collection. It has a hint of grey and the color is very murky and beautiful! Hunter was very opaque in just one coat and the finish was extremely glossy!

L-R : Livingston, Hunter
Overall, if you like creme finishes, the Cashmeres Collection has some pretty fabulous fall appropriate shades to choose from. Zoya did a great job with these colors! My favorites are Pepper, Hunter and Sailor!

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Price : $8 each

Zoya Nail Polishes are 5-free (Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP and Camphor).

What are your thoughts on the ZOYA Cashmeres Fall Collection?


  1. Love these shades! So perfect for the fall time :)

    1. Aren't they? Which ones do you like the most?