Monday, September 16, 2013

Le Couvent Des Minimes - Eau des Missions Botanical Fragrance

Le Couvent Des Minimes is a brand new to me - its a natural skin, hair and fragrance brand with formulas inspired by centuries old therapeutic recipes. I got to try a couple of products from the brand and have been absolutely loving whatever I've tried so far. The Eau des Missions Botanical Fragrance ($38, 3.4oz), is a cologne that blends Vanilla with exotic plants and fresh flowers with warm notes of Benzoin and Virginia Cedar to promote a feeling of well-being. *Press Sample

Packaged in a glass bottle, this Cologne is sweet, comforting & warm - everything you'd expect of anything that is Vanilla based. Its sugary sweet without being extremely cloying and is quite strong. It definitely is more of a fall/winter fragrance to me. Fragrances like these may appeal to quite a few age groups and the richness from the vanilla makes it quite delicious smelling, just like the Ambre Vanille Eau Gourmande by Laura Mercier. Overall, an intoxicating, sweet smelling cologne in a perfectly comforting, warm vanilla base. A spritz or two on a cold, fall/winter evening will leave you smelling divine!

Available online & in-store at Ulta and online at

Have you tried anything from Le Couvent Des Minimes?

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