Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Molton Brown | Kumudu Volumizing Shampoo & Indian Mulberry Volumizing Conditioner

Molton Brown has some very luxurious bath and body products. I hadn't tried any of their haircare, until very recently. First up is a volumizing duo - the Kumudu Volumizing Shampoo ($30) and the Indian Mulberry Volumizing Conditioner ($30), both for fine hair. **Press Samples

The Kumudu Volumizing Shampoo is a sulfate-based shampoo that gently cleanses and adds a bit of natural wave and body. It cleanses really well without stripping all the moisture out and leaves behind a soft scent - light and fruity. For reference, my hair is moderately fine and quite frizzy and this doesn't make it extremely poofy or frizzy, but then, I always follow up with a conditioner and a serum afterwards. The Indian Mulberry Conditioner is nice - although it contains 'cones, it doesn't have the slip that leaves hair soft and smooth, but detangles to an extent. I do need quite a bit of it though. Of the two, I like the shampoo a little better than the conditioner. Although meant to volumize fine hair, it also helps keeps curls in place, making hair a little more manageable. I do like to switch up shampoos quite a bit, especially sulfate based ones with sulfate-free ones in between, so this is something I like when my hair is looking flat and greasy.

Have you tried Molton Brown's Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioners?

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