Wednesday, September 25, 2013

MoroccanOil Moisture Balance Shower Gel

The Moisture Balance Shower Gel ($26;, is one of many body care products from Moroccanoil. I've tried some fabulous hair care from the brand and love the scent of the products more than anything else. The shower gel too has the same great scent and is a nice little treat to have in your shower for when you want some added hydration. *Press Sample

Enriched with Argan Oil, the shower gel claims to leave skin balanced and smooth. I do find it to be very moisturizing - it leaves behind a light film of moisture, not greasy but more like a light, oily film. The scent is quite strong and lingers around for a few hours, so if you aren't too fond of strong fragrances in your bath products, you may not like it. I love the scent most Moroccanoil haircare products have, so I have no problems with it, although it is a tad strong. The only qualm though, is that the shower gel doesn't lather up so well and needs quite a bit of product to cleanse thoroughly. Considering it is quite pricey, a little more product in there would have been nice. That apart, its a great shower gel that leaves skin feeling soft, fragranced and very moisturized!

Have you tried any of Moroccanoil Body Products?

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