Sunday, October 27, 2013

Thymes Clary Sage Tea Body Wash and Hand Lotion

Clary Sage Tea, is a fairly new launch from Thymes that features bath, body & fragrances for the home in this uplifting, botanical scent.

The Clary Sage Tea Body Wash ($19;, has a clean, fresh scent and cleanses without stripping skin. It is sulfate-based, but doesn't dry me too much - I'd definitely recommend a light lotion afterwards. It also foams up pretty well and washes off without leaving any sort of residue behind. Its not a scent that lingers around - quite light, but nice enough to leave your shower smelling fresh for a while after. The Hand Lotion ($15; is my favorite of the two. Its quite strongly scented, slightly musky and perfect as a light, day lotion. It does the job well, keeps my hands moisturized, and sinks in super fast. Its a fantastic lotion to have by your kitchen sink or on your desk for when you want to moisturize without leaving greasy fingerprint marks on your keyboard. Overall, if you like fresh, uplifting herbal scents, Clary Sage Tea by Thymes is a fragrance definitely worth checking out! *Press Samples

Have you tried anything from Thymes' Clary Sage Tea range?

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