Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dior Gel Top Coat

Dior's Gel Coat ($24; is a top coat that finishes and seals any nail polish with the look of a gel-manicure. I've been using this as my top coat with most polishes for quite sometime now and think its definitely one of the nicest top coats I've tried in a while.

Dior Gel Coat Review, Photos & Swatches

Dior Gel Top Coat

Dior's Gel Top Coat has a little more of a thicker texture compared to most top coats I'm used to - never tried the uber popular Seche Vite, so my experience is based on thinner top coats like Zoya's Armor. For something slightly thick, it definitely is quite easy to work with and also dries faster than I expected it to. The brush is slightly wide and covers my smaller nails in just one stroke - I'm not the biggest fan of wide brushes, but Dior's version works well with the thicker texture of the top coat, since lesser strokes equals a smoother, even finish.

Dior Gel Coat Brush

Dior Gel Coat Ingredients

Dior Gel Coat

Some manicures with Dior Gel Coat as a top coat.

The overall finish is very glossy, super smooth and evens out any bumps the polish may have created. I do get a day or two more of wear time with this top coat on, but no polish lasts more than 4-5 days on me, so I'm not the best person to test out one week or ten days of wear time. I've tried this with quite a lot of polishes and when applied in a hurry, it does cause a little bit of shrinkage. Nothing major, but I can definitely see a bit of product pooling the next day, so be sure to apply it in one smooth stroke as opposed to multiple strokes. Overall, I definitely love it and will most likely repurchase. It is pricey for a topcoat, but definitely worth it if you like a glossy, shiny finish to your polish.

Have you tried Dior's Gel Top Coat?


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