Friday, December 20, 2013

H2O Plus Spa Sea Lotus Bath and Body

H2O Plus' newest addition to their Bath and Bodycare range is the Spa Sea Lotus line. The line features a luxurious Body Smoother ($20;, a Body Wash ($17) and a light Body Lotion ($21). The packaging is beautiful, and the products are formulated with skin conditioners like sweet almond oil,  mango and cocoa butter along with Vitamin E and mineral rich brown and red algae. * Press Sample

The Skin Smoother is an exfoliating, sea salt based scrub in a luxurious oil base. To use, just mix it well, scoop a little out and apply as you would with any body scrub. There's a calming, floral-aquatic scent that lingers on for a bit even after it is washed off. The skin smoother is a lovely product for winter - it leaves an oily film (also leaves the bath tub slightly slippery) on the skin that sinks in quite fast and leaves skin feeling super soft. The Body Wash is sulfate-based and cleanses thoroughly. It is a tad stripping though, so definitely needs a good moisturizer afterwards. Unlike the Skin Smoother and the Body Lotion, I found the scent of this one a bit odd and quite strong. Its a good product though and better suited for the summertime! The Body Lotion is quite light in consistency, absorbs fast and is very moisturizing for the day. Its nice to follow up after the Skin Smoother and locks in the moisture left behind by the oils in the scrub. The scent is fresh & light and lovely to use on a lazy winter morning!

Have you checked out the H2O plus Spa Sea Lotus range yet?