Friday, December 6, 2013

It Cosmetics Full Size 7-pc. Micro-Airbrush Blurring Brush Set

It Cosmetics Full Size 7-pc. Micro-Airbrush Blurring Brush Set ($59.50;; Limited Edition) is a new synthetic brush set for the holidays that features a combination of seven face & eye brushes. The kit comes packaged beautifully inside a gift box, with a bow and the brushes come with a stand that holds them for you! *Press Sample

The brushes in the kit include

An Eye Liner & Eye Brow Brush - Its a soft brush with the right amount of firmness for eyeliner & to fill in eyebrows. The hairs are super soft and works well with cream and powder products!

Eye Shadow Crease Brush - Its a fluffy blending brush that isn't very dense. Good to blend powder shadows onto the crease and soften transition colors. Great for highlighters on the browbone too!

All Over Shadow Brush - I do find this brush to be a bit too big to be used as a shadow brush, so I prefer it for setting under eye concealers with powder or just to powder smaller areas that need some setting.

Blurring Concealer Brush - Its a bit similar in size & shape to the eye shadow crease brush, so very good for blending under eye concealer and/or corrector. Its super soft and doesn't feel scratchy under the delicate under eye area.

Flawless Foundation Brush - Slightly densely packed brush for powder and liquid. Love it more for contouring and more with powder products than with cream or liquid.

Angled Complexion Brush - Its a big fluffy brush for blush, bronzer or highlighter. Its not very dense, yet diffuses product really well. I do wish it was a tad smaller in size, just so it would fit perfectly onto the apples of my cheeks.

Airbrush Powder Brush - Its a soft, multipurpose brush that is excellent for setting powders for when you need a light dusting all over the face!

I've had these for only a short while now and have washed them a couple of times, so I cannot comment much on how they hold up with long term use. I did see a bit of shedding with the larger brushes the first time around, but nothing on the second wash. The handles do feel very lightweight and they all feel extremely soft. As synthetic brushes, they are easy to clean & do the job well - I do wish the angled complexion brush and the all over shadow brushes were a tad smaller in size though, just so they can be actually used for the intended purpose. Overall, well done, nice to have if you do like synthetic brushes and easy to travel with since the brushes themselves are practically weightless.

What are your thoughts on the It Cosmetics Full Size 7-pc. Micro-Airbrush Blurring Brush Set?


  1. These look so soft... I love the really sleek handles! I wish this was available in Canada!

    1. Its available in Canada through The Shopping Channel online :)