Tuesday, December 10, 2013

PRADA Candy Eau de Parfum

Candy by PRADA ($62 - $110; sephora.com) is one of my all time favorite fragrances. Its definitely a fall/winter scent, but I also love a spritz or two during the hotter months as well. With notes of Caramel, Vanilla, Musk and Benzoin, Candy is a sweet, yet sophisticated fragrance. The bottle design is beautiful - mine is a 1 oz bottle, so the cap can be removed, but the other sizes have the spritzer right on the cap!

Prada Candy Eau de Parfum

Candy opens up with strong, sweet notes of vanilla and caramel.  The musk keeps it quite sophisticated without going into the cloying sweet territory. The dry down is great, works really well with my body chemistry, lasts almost the whole day on me and is deliciously sweet without too much of the headache inducing sugary sweetness that comes to mind when I hear the name 'Candy' ( also surprising since it has Vanilla & Caramel). Now, Vanilla & Caramel are two things (and scents) I absolutely love, so Candy is just something I can wear anytime when I can't think of what else to pick out. But if you do have a problem with either, definitely take a whiff when you stop by a perfume counter. If you are looking for a sweet, rich, warm & cozy scent for the colder months ahead, Candy is one to add to your list!

Prada Candy Eau de Parfum Review

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