Sunday, December 8, 2013

WEI Dragon Blood Eye Lifting Pads

"Specially formulated with red sap of “Dragon’s Blood” from the legendary Dragon Tree, this red resin diminishes the appearance of sagging skin around the delicate eye area while providing long-term firming and lifting benefits."

WEI's new launch, the Dragon Blood Lifting Eye Pads ($60 for 10 pads; claim to refresh, lift and firm the delicate skin around the eye area. Each pack comes with ten individually wrapped eye pads soaked in a slightly sticky serum. The eye pads are quite big for my eye contour, but is easy to use - just unfold the pads, remove the the blue colored protecting cover, and place around the eye area, carefully pressing it in place. The pads as such are quite thin, but very saturated. I'm not a fan of the scent though - its not strong, but not something I find really pleasant. I quite like how they've been packaged - very travel friendly and the individual wrap ensures the pads stay saturated.  I just rub the excess serum once I remove the pad, after about 10 mins and follow up with an eye cream once it sinks in completely. I find them moisturizing - I haven't seen much of a difference with my dark circles or in the reduction of my fine lines, but it is a nice, refreshing, cooling mask to be used about once a week, especially if you have dry skin and pretty prominent fine lines like me. I have very sensitive skin and felt a little but of a tingle the first time around, but no redness or irritations so far. Overall, its not a miracle mask, but definitely a nice way to refresh tired eyes and a great moisture boost for the dry under eye area. *Press Sample

What are your thoughts on the WEI Dragon Blood Lifting Eye Pads?  

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