Friday, March 28, 2014

gud from Burt's Bees Natural Cleansing Wipes

gud from Burt's Bees Natural Cleansing Wipes ($2.99 for 10 wipes; are a fairly new launch that come in three fun scents - Pearnormal Activity, Orange Petalooza and Red Ruby Groovy. I absolutely love the scents gud comes out with - always amazing, super zesty and refreshing to use. Each pack comes with ten towelettes and is small enough to throw into your bag for a mid day touch up, after a long flight or post workout. *Press Sample

These aren't very big in size though, but good enough to use for face and neck. They are moderately saturated and get the job done well without leaving any sort of sticky residue behind. While not the best with waterproof makeup, these do get light, everyday makeup off pretty well. I wouldn't rely on these as a one step cleansing tool though - more like a refreshing wipe before cleansing or when you don't have much makeup at all.  The scents aren't overpowering, but they do linger around for a few minutes after use. For the price though, these are amazing and perfect to travel with. Red Ruby Groovy is my favorite of the three!

Have you checked out gud's new Natural Cleansing Wipes?

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