Monday, April 28, 2014

Thymes Tiare Monoi Cologne Roller Ball

"Anytime or anywhere, bask in the intoxicating oasis of Tiare Monoi cologne rollerball. The sultry perfume of Tiare flowers, wild jasmine and ylang ylang are hard to resist. Breathe deep and enjoy being in the essence of the moment." *Press Sample

Thymes' Tiare Monoi ($19 for the rollerball;, is one of six scents launched as part of Thymes' Studio Fragrance Collection this Spring. Tiare Monoi is a fresh floral with notes of Jasmine, Tiare Flowers, Ylang Ylang and Osmanthus. The cologne comes packaged in a pretty little travel friendly rollerball inside an eco-friendly cardboard packaging.

Tiare Monoi opens up with heady notes of Jasmine and is pretty long lasting and intense for a roll-on. I almost, always have the worst luck with roller balls, but was surprised with how potent the scent was throughout the day. The headiness does dissipate within the first few minutes, while the dry down is more of a feminine, powdery floral. Its quite an intoxicating scent as Thymes describes it to be and very calming once it settles down and starts to fade. Thymes does make some amazing scents that are true to what they are described to be and Tiare Monoi is definitely one of them!

Have you tried Tiare Monoi by Thymes?

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