Thursday, May 22, 2014

L'Occitane au Brésil Collection

L'Occitane's newest collection for summer, au bresil  features bath, body and sun care in two amazing variants - VITÓRIA RÉGIA, an Amazonian flower that sleeps at dawn and blossoms at dusk, and JENIPAPO, a fruit tree from Cerrado that pursues the sun and soaks up its energy. * Press Samples 

Vitoria Regia Day Flower Cologne ($55) is a fresh, white floral and a perfect daytime spring/summer scent. With notes of Gardenia, Victoria Amazonica, Lily of the Valley, Musk, Amber and Heliotrope, this is a light, yet sparkling fresh fragrance for anyone who prefers light floral scents for the day time. The dry down is mostly floral, lily being the dominant one, with just a trace of musk, not overpowering, but not extremely light either. The fragrance lasts about 5-6 hours on me and is perfect if you are looking for a youthful, floral aquatic fragrance for spring and summer. 

Jenipapo Shower Oil ($25) is along the same concept as the L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil. Infused with Grapefruit Seed Oil and a light fruity floral scent, this is a shower oil that moisturizers while you shower. I do prefer the Almond Shower Oil a little more than this though - even the scent of the Almond one is a tad nicer, but the Jenipapo Shower Oil is nice to have in your shower when you can't be bothered with lotion afterwards. The packaging is pretty and it washes off well without leaving any residue behind. If you are a fan of the Almond Shower Oil, you will most likely like the Jenipapo Shower Oil too. Just that I prefer the delicious Almond-y scentt a little more than fruity floral scent of this one. Nevertheless, a good one to try! 

Vitoria Regia Night Flower Soap ($8) - L'Occitane makes some really nice soaps and this one, right from the pretty packaging to the beautiful floral scent, is just fabulous. I expected Night Flower to be a bit more stronger than Day Flower, but the soap at least, isn't too strong. Night Flower is a lovely combination of Peony, Lime, Water Haycinth and Sandalwood making it one very sensual yet refreshing scent. Although it doesn't lather a lot, I do get the squeaky clean feel and would definitely recommend a body lotion afterwards. 

My favorites from this collection are the Vitoria Regia Night Flower Soap and the Day Flower Cologne. I'm curious to try the Vitoria Regia night cologne too, now that I love the way the soap smells. If you love fun packaging and light fragrances for summer, definitely give these products from the au bresil line a try!

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  1. The packaging on these is so different and pretty! That soap looks like a piece of art! Love it! So is this LE or part of the permanent collection?


    1. Hii! Yes, it is a limited edition collection...will be available until summer :)