Monday, May 19, 2014

Perricone MD Chia Serum

The Chia Serum ($75; by Perricone is a super hydrating, luxurious serum formulated with cold-pressed, extra virgin Chia Oil to give skin a hydration boost. It is recommend to be used in many ways - alone as a serum, prior to moisturizer, mixed in with any moisturizer and as a finishing step to makeup. I love to use it on its own, before a moisturizer, just like I would with any serum and its hydrating enough that I won't even need a moisturizer afterwards. It has a very luxurious texture, like a facial oil and a couple of drops is all you need for the face and neck. *Press Sample

There's no fancy scent and the opaque glass packaging ensures that it keeps the product stable, I love it! The dropper perfectly dispenses product with absolutely no wastage,  If you do have dry skin though, the Chia Serum is something you would absolutely love. My skin isn't as dry now as it is in the winter, so I use this about 2-3 times a week, mostly at night. The oil-like texture does take a while to absorb in completely, so its better suited for nighttime use. Its a nice radiance boost if your complexion is looking particularly dull and dehydrated. If you do have oily skin though, I would recommend using it in moderation. Overall, if you are looking for a paraben-free hydrating serum/oil to add to your skincare routine, the Chia Serum is definitely worth looking into. Its quite expensive, but definitely an awesome pick for drier skin types!

Have you tried the Perricone MD Chia Serum?


  1. What makes this serum different from all the other serums that are oil-based and have brightening properties? Is Chia oil more hydrating than say, argan oil? - So many questions.

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Its just a matter of personal preference for me - Argan Oil is okay, I used to use it a lot, but overtime I felt like it clogged my pores a bit and gave me a breakout or two every time I used it. I don't have that problem with this one so far. I think Chia Oil is just as good for the skin as many other plant based oils, if not better. I've tried a lot of facial oils/serums, because I like to switch up my products from time to time, and think this one, in the serum form, tops the list of the most hydrating ones so far, at least on my skin type - just from my personal experience. Any other oil-based brightening serums have you tried that you'd recommend?