Thursday, June 12, 2014

Burberry Beauty Summer Showers Makeup Collection | Fresh Glow Blush in Orange Poppy No.21

Fresh Glow Blush ($38;, is a new product launched as part of the Summer Showers Collection and I am assuming, a permanent addition to the Burberry Beauty line. Fresh Glow Blush comes in three colors - Orange Poppy, Pink Peony and Pink Azalea.

Its a cream blush made with a formula that is infused with more than 50% water for an instant cooling sensation on the skin. Orange Poppy is a bright orange in the tube, but goes on a whole lot sheerer than how it looks. I have to agree with the cooling sensation claim though - it really does feel cool when applied on to the cheeks and there's a nice dewy finish that I really love on my dry skin. Pigmentation wise, this really is something I'd reach out to when I'm going for a low-key, super natural look. Orange Poppy is a very, very sheer color that doesn't look half as pigmented as it does in the tube. The best way to apply it is directly from the tube and blending it out using fingers. On the plus side, the texture is not the most difficult to work with - even with the lack of color, it isn't too patchy.  Its a very sheer wash, perfect for summer and really good as a base for other powder blushes, making them last longer.

I don't have a problem with sheer blushes, but this one needed quite a few swipes to even show up on cheeks that well. Overall, if you don't mind the sheerness, its nice to have one, but I would think twice before buying more of these, especially considering the price. The packaging too din't feel as luxurious as other products from Burberry - its a tad plastick-y, weightless and not the most elegant looking when compared to the other products from the line.

2-3 Swipes of Orange Poppy Fresh Glow Blush

Have you checked out Burberry's Fresh Glow Blush yet? Do the other colors work the same way as Orange Poppy? Is there a better way to use these? Do tell!