Monday, June 9, 2014

L'Occitane Eau de Cade And Limited Edition Pebble Soaps

L'Occitane has a new fragrance launch, just in time for Father's Day - Eau de Cade ($55;, for men,  an earthy, masculine fragrance with outdoorsy notes. Cade features notes of Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Cedar and Cade. Also new to their line is the limited-edition Pebble Soaps ($8 each) in Verdon, Cade and L'Occitan. *Press Samples

Cade is a scent my husband loves a lot and I like it quite a lot on him. Its quite long lasting for an EDT and perfect for summer through fall. Infused with oil from the Juniper shrubs, the scent is very real and true to its description.  Its a very warm, earthy scent with a hint of citrus, all in a very masculine, woody base. The dry down is much softer that how it goes on initially. Cade also has a Pebble Soap to match, that helps layer the fragrance quite a bit. I've gotten the pebble soaps before as part of a set for my husband and he absolutely loves them! This time around, L'Occitane has three editions - Cade, Verdon and L'Occitan. Its a soap that definitely requires a moisturizer afterwards, but the design & packaging is quite unique and the soap itself lasts longer than most soaps from L'Occitane. While I haven't used the perfume or the soap myself, I can definitely say that my husband absolutely loves them and that they make for great gifts for any fragrance lover!

Have you checked out L'Occitane's Eau de Cade and Pebble Soaps yet?


  1. I absolutely love Loccitane soaps they are my favorites! I look forward to bathing just to use them! :P

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