Thursday, July 17, 2014

Laura Mercier Cheek Melange and Creme Eyeliner in Envy | Sensual Reflections Fall 2014 Collection

I have two pieces from Laura Mercier's Sensual Reflections Fall 2014 Collection - the Cheek Melange ($42; limited edition, and the Creme Eyeliner in Envy ($23; limited edition, Sensual Reflections features rich, dark hues and some very beautiful lip colors in brick reds and vampy plums.  *Press Samples

The Cheek Melange, called Sensual Reflections is a sheer blush that features a mix of a light pink and a sheer plum that when mixed together, add some color and a little bit of a glow. The design is beautiful - I've used this blush quite a few times and the design still looks intact for the most part, although I'm not sure if it would be the same overtime. The color is more of a lighter pink on my skintone, with very finely milled shimmer that is almost invisible. Its a gorgeous color for lighter skin tones and on my skintone its something I would reach out to when I can't be bothered with too pigmented blushes. The Cheek Melange is something I could just swipe and go - the color is very light, but also very natural looking and the texture is very easy to work with and blend out.

The Creme Eye Liner in Envy is a matte, slightly dark green that I absolutely love and think it's a must have. I do love Laura Mercier's Creme Eye Liner Formula a lot and this one just as smooth, creamy and pigmented as the others I've tried. Envy is just beautiful along the lash lines, the green actually shows up pretty well. Its not too bright, neither is it too dark just so it looks like just another black eyeliner. Its also a great base for smokey looks and smudges out beautifully before completely setting. The formula is very waterproof and requires a heavy duty remover to get off. If there's one thing I'd recommend from the Sensual Reflections Fall Collection, its the Envy creme eyeliner!

Wearing the Cheek Melange in Sensual Reflections and Envy Creme Eyeliner. 


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