Monday, September 15, 2014

Hakuhodo J511 Angled Highlighter Brush

Hakuhodo J511 Angled Highlighter Brush ($34; is a slightly small, angled brush that multi tasks for blush, bronzer and highlight. The bristles are made from natural hair (goat) and the well constructed brush feels super soft, the least bit scratchy and fabulous on the skin.

Its not a very dense brush, so not the best for buffing, but great for a light wash of color or something that needs precise placement over a smaller area, since the angled shape works really well for that. It picks up product quite well, but doesn't over deposit, only leaving a light layer of color or a subtle sheen, in case of highlighters. I love to use it with my favorite Laura Mercier Baked Bronze Highlight for a subtle effect or with powder brushes for just a sweep of color. The shape can be a tad small for some, but I find that it works quite well for me and doesn't overdo blush or highlighter. I've even used it to set my concealer with powder, especially under the eyes and find the smaller brush head really useful for that. Overall, while not a must-have for anyone, it really is a nice, great quality brush to have. I've washed it plenty of times and it hasn't shed or lost any of the softness, although the bristles tend to splay just a tad like any other natural hair brush.

Hakuhodo Brushes can be bought online at


  1. I want it!

  2. may be one day when I am in mood to splurge I'll definitely get Hakuhodo brushes!! :)

    1. Hi Giggle! Definitely do! And next time you want to buy MAC brushes, maybe pick up Hakuhodo instead. They have a high shipping charge, but good if you are buying more than 2. I also think, I'm not sure, that Hakuhodo is the manufacturer of MAC and some other brands' high quality brushes :)