Monday, September 1, 2014

Sephora Formula X The System - Nail Cleanser, Top Coat, Base Coat & Nail Polish

Formula X ' The System' ($32; is a four-piece customizable manicure kit that includes a nail cleanser, base, top coat and a free nail polish to complete your manicure. I was sent a sample of the Formula X System a while back including a nail polish in Pyrotechnic a bright orange-y red, so here are my quick thoughts on the kit. *Press Sample

The System has everything you need for a quick manicure - a nail cleanser that helps get off any residue, leaving nails squeaky clean for the next step, a top and base coat and a nail polish from the re-formulated Formula X Line. The Nail Cleanser is a clear, light liquid that is supposed to be brushed onto the nails. It instantly leaves a matte finish and cleans up any residue or oils that might not help color adhere better. It has a light, cucumber mixed with alcohol scent that dissipates almost instantly. I don't use this every time I do my nails, just when I feel like I have too much of cuticle oil or cream that feels impossible to get off the nail surface. It doesn't feel drying, but if your nails are quite brittle, I would recommend using it only when needed.

L-R : Base Coat, Top Coat, Nail Cleanser

The Base Coat is a slightly sticky clear coat that evens out nail surface and preps for polish. Its quite thin and doesn't cause any bumps or bubbles when polish is applied over. The Top Coat is slightly thick, but dries quick and adds a lot of shine. It could be just a tad more self leveling, but its not too gloppy and hasn't thickened up too much with use, so I really like it so far. Pyrotechnic is a rich orangey red with a creme finish that is very opaque in two coats. The brush is on the thinner side, but very nice for small-ish nails like mine. I found that 'The System' works best with the Formula X Polish, but the Top Coat is great to use with any polish. If there's one thing you'd want to get, its the Top Coat - definitely prolongs wear and adds quite a bit of shine. The Base Coat is nice too, but works best with Formula X Polishes. My manicure with the Formula X Nail Cleanser, Top Coat, Base Coat and Nail Polish wore about 3 days on me before chipping and some minor tip wear which is quite good. Overall, its a nice system worth trying out and the Top Coat in particular is definitely worth picking up a bottle of!

Formula X The System Manicure with Nail Cleanser, Nail Polish in Pyrotechnic, Top & Base Coats

Have you tried Formula X 'The System' by Sephora?

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