Monday, November 3, 2014

Tom Ford Cheek Brush

Tom Ford Cheek Brush ($78;, a densely packed, natural hair brush for powder or cream blushes. Its a very well constructed brush that feels & looks quite heavy and luxe. 

Tom Ford Cheek Brush

The denser, very closely packed bristles are great at picking up color, so its a good tool for sheer blushes or with anything that might require a bit more color to be picked up and blended out to perfection. With very pigmented blushes though, it requires a light hand and maybe just a dusting with a conscious effort not to pick up too much product. I also like it a lot with cream blushes that don’t feel too tacky, since it blends those out beautifully as well, without enhancing large pores. I’ve seen nothing but positive reviews of Tom Ford’s Cheek Brush, but mine did shed quite a bit upon washing and it still does a hair or three, every time I wash it. It has held up quite well though and hasn’t splayed too much even after numerous washing sessions. Overall, its great brush, really nice to have, but not something I’d say is a must have for everyone. If you don’t mind the slightly high price tag and want something super soft, not one bit scratchy, that diffuses color beautifully, its a good brush to look into!

Tom Ford Cheek Brush

Tom Ford Cheek Brush Review
Tom Ford Cheek Brush Review, Photos

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