Monday, December 8, 2014

Skin Soothers And Moisturizers for Dry/Sensitive Skin | Winter Skincare For Dry/Sensitive Skin

Just a quick roundup of some of my favorite moisturizers and skin soothers for dry/ sensitive skin that I’ve been loving this time of the year!

Dry Skin Soothers Sensitive Skin Solutions and Moistuizers

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream ( $12 - $28 ;  : As if I haven’t raved enough about this stuff on my blog, but here’s a quick rundown. Its an inexpensive, skin calming cream for face and body. There’s no scent, stickiness or heaviness so I absolutely love it. I’ve lost count of how many tubes I’ve repurchased so far. And I always prefer the tubes than the big tub it comes in. Its one of those creams that will always be there to save my skin from any sort of irritation. 

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream
First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Ingredients

Bottega Organica Extra Nourishing Face Formula ( Vanilla ) ( $78; -   Bottega Organica is a brand new to me and the Extra Nourishing Face Formula ( Vanilla )
 is something I’ve been absolutely loving. It is quite heavily vanilla scented and has a thicker, serum like texture. It takes a bit of time to sink in, but it leaves skin feeling super smooth, plump and moisturized. It can be a bit rich for someone with oily skin, but if you have dry skin, your skin will drink it up. I prefer using it in the night though since that’s when it is recommended and that’s the best time to use since it leans a bit on the heavier side. The formula uses a blend of natural and organic skin nourishing ingredients like carrot, apricots, shea butter, olive oil, vanilla and chamomile extracts to calm, soothe and condition skin.

Bottega Organica Ulta Nourishing Face Formula Vanilla

Perricone MD Hyalo Plasma ($135 ; - Perricone’s new moisturizer, Hyalo Plasma combines three unique forms of hyaluronic acid that helps deliver maximum moisture to dry dehydrated skin. Its quite a lovely texture - sort of a gel cream with a bouncy, mousse like consistency. I love to use it under makeup or under any other moisturizer since it can leave a bit of a shiny texture to skin. There’s not much of scent to it and a little goes a long way with this product. It leaves skin feeling smooth and plump, filing in lines temporarily. I like to 'pat' the moisturizer on than smooth it over as I feel it helps adhere to skin better this way. 

Perricone MD Hyalo Plasma

La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra ($36.99 ; - I recently got back to using Toleriane Ultra after a bit of a break and absolutely love it. Toleriane Ultra is a beautiful moisturizer for dry/sensitive skin. It is fragrance free, alcohol and paraben free and sits really well under makeup. It takes care of flaky skin and dry spots really well. Its a year round moisturizer for those with dry skin and maybe better suited for the winter for those with oily skin.

La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra
La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Ingredients

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask ( $33;  -  Love this overnight mask by Clinique. Its fragrance free, very soothing and great for sensitive skin that gets really dry. Its one product that quenches dryness and leaves skin super hydrated the next morning, not even needing too much of moisturizing through the very next day. I also like to use it on dry spots alone during the day when some parts of my face like my cheeks get quite dehydrated.

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

Avene Thermal Spring Water ($9 - $18; - I like a spritz to two of Avene Thermal Spring water post cleansing my face and like to follow up with a moisturizer soon after when my face is a bit damp. My skin gets a bit red and sensitive with the mix of hot and cold air and this one feels very calming. I only use about a spritz or two every time, only when needed and the nozzle is amazing at spritzing evenly without much wastage at all.

Avene Thermal Spring Water

What are your current favorite products for Dry/Sensitive Skin?

*Some products featured are press samples.

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