Monday, March 30, 2015


The new beautyblender ($17.95 for a 2-pack; is a miniature version of the cult favorite beautyblender makeup sponge that canbe used wet for flawless makeup application. The bright green sponge is quite tiny and  good for quick touchups and spot concealing where you’d find the regular beautyblender a little too big.

beautyblender makeup sponge review, photos

The has the same density and softness as the regular beautyblender and is fairly easy to clean after use. If you are looking at using this for foundation application for the face, you may be disappointed with the small size, but it is a very good size for the under eye area, spot concealing blemishes and for me, discoloration and pigmentation around the mouth area. At times when I can’t be bothered with using and cleaning the regular beauty blender, I reach out to this for smaller tasks that just need a bit of dabbing and setting here and there. I do wish Sephora sold them as singles though, instead of the two packs and priced them lower that way. Overall, it all depends on the kind of task you use this one for - use it for something like foundation and contour for the face, you’ll be disappointed, but it is quite the perfect tool for spot concealing blemishes and under eye concealer, especially since the dampness helps sheer thicker products out a little and makes them look a bit less cakey.

beautyblender makeup sponge wet and dry review, photos

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