Thursday, March 12, 2015

Nail Polish Removers Roundup - Hits and Misses

I’ve been trying out a few new Nail Polish Removers in the past couple of months with some hits and misses along the way.  I wanted to go acetone-free, but finding something just as effective was quite a challenge, but I may have found something that I love. I used to use Zoya’s Remove + but gave up on it a few months back - my nails became a bit weak, stated peeling and the scent was a bit too strong, not sure if Zoya changed their formula. Onto a quick roundup of what I’ve tried recently, what’s good and what’s not worth it.

Nail Polish Removers Roundup - Hits and Misses

Dior 'Dissolvant Abricot' Nail Polish Remover ($21; 1.7oz; - Great remover, acetone free, non-dying and smells like roses. It does get rid of polish pretty quickly, even the darker, staining ones, but the price per ounce makes it super expensive. I don’t use it regularly since its super easy to get through the small-ish bottle rather quickly,  but I love it as a treat once in a while. It is the most luxurious feeling remover I’ve tried and doesn’t dry nails or cuticles. 

Dior Dissolvant Abricot Review, Photos

Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover ($9.50; 2.5oz;  Quick easy and great for creme polishes or fine shimmer (just dip your finger, swirl and you are done!). I don’t wear chunky glitter except when layered and don't ever touch textured polishes any more, but if you do, this might not be a one step remover for you. It cannot be used on the toes, and is a good one to travel with. I did not find it too drying, but the scent is just too strong for me. I’m not too convinced about the hygiene aspect of it, but it definitely is among the better acetone based removers out there, so worth a shot if you are curious about the concept.

Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover Review, Photos

Formula X For Sephora Delete Nail Polish Remover ($10.50; 5.4oz; - My least preferred among the ones I tried. I liked it the first few uses, but not so much as I used it more. Its just a basic acetone based remover, nothing special. Less drying than using straight up acetone, but drying nonetheless. The scent is awful and definitely not worth that price, imo. It also made my nails brittle. The packaging, as nice as it seems, will make the polish leak if not stored properly.

 Formula X For Sephora Delete Nail Polish Remover

Karma Naturals Nail Polish Remover with Soybean Oil and Tea Tree Oil ($12; 4oz; -my favorite of the ones I’ve tried along with Dior. I came across this while browsing amazon and had to try it. Karma Organics is a natural, organic brand that has a line of fabulous removers that are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. I tried the Tea Tree version of the nail polish remover - it has a strong, but earthy scent and the formula is very gentle. I was pleasantly surprised by how effectively it removes polish with absolutely no dryness. It does leave behind an oily residue though, but I always wash my hands after remover, so its no big deal for me. Although I love the glass bottle it comes in, the packaging isn't the most travel friendly. The formula might not be as quick as other removers, but gets rid of polish thoroughly and isn’t very drying. Absolutely recommended if you can get your hands on one, off of Amazon or at select Whole Foods Stores.

Karma Naturals Nail Polish Remover With Soybean Oil and Tea Tree Review, Photos

Overall, my top picks would be Dior and Karma Naturals. Dior is one that I’d use when I want to pamper my nails and Karma has been my go to polish remover of late. I would not recommend Formula X  Delete unless your nails are really strong or you can't find anything else and while Sephora's Instant Nail Polish Remover is good for travel and very effective, it may not be the most skin friendly! 

What are your favorite Nail Polish Removers?

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