Sunday, July 19, 2015

TATCHA Classic Rice Enzyme Powder

I’ve never really tried anything much from Tatcha, the Classic Rice Enzyme Powder ($15 for 0.35 oz; $65 for 2.1oz) being one of my very first skincare products since Sephora now conveniently has the smaller size. Tatcha describes this as a gentle yet effective exfoliator, cleanser & toner for daily use.

The packaging is nice and easy to use. I just take a small amount, add a few drops of water to make a paste and use it like I would with a regular cleanser. I have dry skin and find everyday use a little harsh on my skin type, so I only use it on and off, more like a couple of times a week, like an exfoliator. It leaves skin feeling squeaky clean, washes off easily when used on fairly clean skin or after a makeup remover. The powder is super fine, smooth and not too gritty which makes it lovely to use. While I haven’t had any reactions on my sensitive skin, I do think that it needs to be followed up with a good serum or a rich moisturizer. My skin does feel super soft and very clean, and I do like it a lot more now in the summer than I did a couple of months ago. Overall, its a nice exfoliator that I like to switch up in between my other cleansers/exfoliators, particularly when my skin feels congested and needs some quick brightening, but not one I’d use everyday. I don't think I will splurge on a full size any time soon and depending on how much I like this and if I end up finishing, I may buy the smaller one.

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