Thursday, August 13, 2015

5 Body Oils/Serums I've Been Loving Lately

I’ve been having a bit of an obsession with body oils lately and have been trying out a lot of them. These are what I’ve been rotating on and off and absolutely love them as a light massage pre-bath or as a moisturizer post shower, especially when my skin feels dry and parched even though its still summer. While I do like some richer oils like Sesame (my favorite) in the winter time, these are what I’ve found works best in the warmer months.

Kypris Inflorescence Body Elixir ($95;; press sample) - One of the most luxurious body oils I’ve used recently! Such beautiful packaging, fabulous earthy, herbal scent and a rich moisturizer without the greasiness. Kypris makes some fanatic face oils too and their Body Elixir is just as good. It is a tad expensive, but is the ultimate treat for dry skin or just as a post shower moisturizer. I do wish the bottle had a stopper mechanism so not to use excess, but a little goes a long way with this one.

Kypris Inflorescence Body Elixir
Kypris Inflorescence Body Elixir

Orico U-Turn Stretch Mark Elixir ( $45; ; press sample) - Not exactly a body oil, but feels light as a serum and comes with a concoction of a few nourishing oils and moisturizers. While I haven’t seen an improvement in strong stretch marks, it does prevent them by keeping the top layer moisturized and soft. The product is great for toning skin and leaves it smoother looking without the grease ball effect. The scent is fresh and citrusy and doesn’t linger around too much.

Orico U-Turn Stretch Mark Elixir

Plnt Liquid Coconut Oil by the Vitamin Shoppe ($11.99; ; press sample) - Although I love regular coconut oils, this lighter form is great for summer or mixing in with other oils. It has no scent, doesn’t feel overly greasy, still a little on the heavier side and is a great eye makeup remover too. I don’t use too much of it as a makeup remover since I am prone to milia around the eyes and coconut oil can aggravate that, so its mostly for my dry, scaly legs, sometimes for my hair and other dry spots like elbows, knees and cuticles than all over the body. I still prefer the flavor of regular coconut oil for cooking, so I can’t comment too much on its use in the kitchen. Use with caution if you have very oily, acne prone skin on the body.

Plnt Liquid Coconut Oil by the Vitamin Shoppe
Plnt Liquid Coconut Oil by the Vitamin Shoppe

Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Oil ($8.99; Whole foods) - Good old Sweet Almond Oil! This is a fabulous all purpose oil that will moisturize without the greasiness and adds a little glow to skin overtime and is a staple in my skincare. The scent isn’t a lot and it is one I’d use on my face, body, hair and anywhere else. I’ve bought quite a few bottles of various pure sweet almond oils and they all work the same for me, immaterial of the brand as long as its just pure sweet almond oil without any fillers.

Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Oil
Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Oil

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil ($8; - Is a light, dry oil that leaves no residue. It has a fresh lemon scent and is an amazing moisturizer all through the year. The consistency is a tad runny, but very easy to use and effective on dry skin, preventing stretch marks and just at overall nourishing the skin on your body with zero greasiness. 

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil


  1. I super dry skin and find jojoba oil works well too. I usually just buy a bottle of the unscented stuff and then add my own fragrance oils to make it smell beautiful.

    1. Ohh that sounds nice! I would love to customize my own oils 😊