Monday, May 23, 2016

Elizabeth Arden Sunset Bronze Collection

Sunset Bronze is Elizabeth Arden’s new Spring/Summer’16 Collection that has been out for a while now. Here are some quick photo, thoughts & swatches!

Elizabeth Arden Sunset Bronze Collection
Elizabeth Arden Sunset Bronze Collection

The Sunset Bronze Prismatic Lip Gloss ($19; is a very shimmery gloss with an iridescent finish. Its a non sticky gloss that is good for layering over lipsticks. Moonlight Kiss is a shimmery lavender, while Sunset Kiss is a gorgeous gold. I like the finish of these and they wear about 2-3 hours just like any other gloss.

The Prismatic Highlighter ($28.50; is my favorite from the collection. Its subtle and very natural looking. The bronzy gold also works on the eyes and looks fabulous on medium/dark skin tones. Its fairly easy to blend but needs quick work.

 Prismatic Highlighter

Sunset Bronze Prismatic Lip Gloss

Sunset Bronze Prismatic Highligher, Prismatic Lip Gloss Moonlight Bronze, Golden Bronze Swatches
L-R : Prismatic Highlighter, Prismatic Lipgloss in Sunset Kiss, Moonlight Kiss

The Prismatic Bronzing Powders ($40; are two bronzers in the collection. They are quite deep, not too orange and blend well. There’s an overspray on top which I’m not a big fan of since it is quite shimmery. But the actual bronzer beneath that is beautiful.

Prismatic Bronzing Powders
Prismatic Bronzing Powders Golden Bronze, Deep Bronze Swatches
L-R : Prismatic Bronzing Powder in Warm Bronze, Deep Bronze

The Prismatic Eye Shadow Palette ($42; is an eye shadow palette that is is packed with neutrals and jewel tones. Its a lovely palette for fall than summer, but all the shades in there are very wearable and the pigmentation is fabulous.

Overall, Elizabeth Arden’s Sunset Bronze Collection is gorgeous if you like shimmer and gravitate towards bronzy golds & jewel tones a lot.

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