Thursday, June 2, 2016

black|Up Blushes

Black Up Powder Blushes NBL09, NBL10, NBL11

Black Up Blushes ($26.50; are some very pigmented powder blushes that come in matte and iridescent finishes. The blushes pack a ton of pigment and need a super light hand to work with. I tried out three shades - NBL09, a rusty brown, NBL10, a matte cocoa and NBL11, a rosy brown. The shades themselves are gorgeous, NBL11 especially is beautiful as a blush while NBL09 and 10 work as bronzers/contours depending on your skin tone. They are very creamy for a powder product and blend well without being patchy like a lot of pigmented blushes. The lasting power is pretty great too. Overall, they are almost perfect for the price and definitely worth looking into, especially if you fall into the medium-dark skintone category and want pigmented blushes that show up. Just be sure to go super light handed with them and use a less dense blush/highlighter brush to apply.

Black Up Powder Blushes NBL09, NBL10, NBL11
Black Up Powder Blushes NBL09
Black Up Powder Blushes NBL10
Black Up Powder Blushes NBL11
Black Up Powder Blushes NBL09, NBL10, NBL11 Swatches

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