Monday, October 31, 2016

Two Brightening Skincare Products To Try From REN & Avalon Organics

REN’s Radiance Perfection Serum ($55; and Avalon Organics’ Intense Defense Moisturizer ($21.99; are two brightening skincare additions that  I’m loving. The REN Radiance Perfection Serum is a super lightweight serum, nice to layer under makeup or skincare. It sinks in pretty quickly and leaves a sheer, invisible finish on the skin. I have noticed my skin looking brighter and even which is why I love it under makeup too. It also has a small percentage of Lactic Acid, so it is mildy exfoliating as well, which I really love! 

The Avalon Intense Defense Oli-Free Moisturizer is a really lightweight, oil-free day cream. Its quite a nice texture that does’t sink it immediately, but once it does, it feels like nothing at all. There’s that light citrus scent to the cream which I love. If you are looking for a lightweight, vegan moisturizer with a wallet friendly price tag, check this out. I do wish it came in a pump bottle or a tube, but that apart its lovely. 

I also love to layer the Avalon one over REN’s Radiance Perfection since they’re both lightweight. I do have to use sun protection though, since they both leave skin a tad sensitive.

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